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Hobbies and Pastimes

Just a little page to keep those who may (or may not) be interested in some of our hobbies and side projects up to date on what and how we're doing.

Steve is still busily designing and creating web pages, gaming, and watching a little TV. He is, of course, still involved in Scouting, primarily as an Associate Adviser in Migisi Opawgan Lodge.

Kristie has been very busy with work. She's been working as a long-term sub in Melvindale-Northern Allen Park schools. Her biggest hobby is still caring for our household menagerie, but she's also found time to join the Lincoln Park Eagles Auxiliary, watch some tv, do some gardening, and keep up on her turtle collection.

Together we've been collecting way too many DVDs2 and some posters to go with them.

  1. Whom Kristie recently discovered was a youth and therefore not allowed to hear certain kinds of talk.
  2. Thankfully Kristie hasn't decided to count them yet, but the number might be 3 digits - some day we might post the library, both for lending (to our friends and family) and gift-giving (from our friends and family) purposes.

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