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November 11, 1990 - June 23, 2008

We love and miss you

Our hearts are a little heavy today and our family is a little smaller. This evening we had to say good bye to our Snuggles.

Some of you may remember how Snuggles came into my life. You see, after Grandad fell in love with and adopted the first dog my parents were thinking about getting me, the search was on. I don't remember how it came to pass, but mom and the boys and cousin Aaron were out and about looking at another pup for me. Aaron had to use the restroom, so mom pulled into a gas station, and there she was in a box of free sheltie/poodle puppies, my little Snuggle Girl.

It was a perfect match right from the beginning. She'd curl up in bed with me and cuddle right beside my legs. I took her everywhere with me no matter what. (Do you all remember how taking a shower took so much longer when Snuggles came because I'd have to make a little bed for her in the laundry basket?) She has been my constant companion for more than half of my life and I miss her tremendously. There will never been another Snuggle-ub-ugus.

Throughout our years together she has been with me through all of the typical milestone moments. She moved away with me to go to college, and after, she moved up north with me for my first teaching job. She even gave her paw of approval to Steve. (Cause you know that the situation was always love me, love my dog.)

Did you know that among her many powers, Snuggles was also a fortune teller? Grandma and Grandad knew I was going to marry Steve because of Snuggs. We had been out for a visit one day and as I usually do, I lost track of time and had to get home toot sweet so we could greet Steve after his 3 hour drive. I said my 30 minutes of good byes and promptly walked right out the door and forgot her. It was the first and only time that ever happened. Grandma told me the next weekend, that she knew any man important enough to make me forget my little girl would be the man I'd marry. :

Until the very end, Snuggles never lost her appetite for all things not dog food. Honestly, she was the reason we had to put the kitchen trash on a stool and weigh it down with large rocks. Unless we did that, we'd come home to find her halfway submerged in the can, eating all manner of things. Who can forget her predilection for Q-tips? She'd hold them with her paws and carefully remove the cotton from one end and then the other. Mmm, fiber! Then there were all the loaves of bread she ate throughout the years. My how she loved bread!

One year around Easter, there was the incident with the pound of mint M&Ms, and the speedy trip down to Dr. Mowry. Another year she managed to eat an entire pound of compressed alfalfa pellets (rabbit food). Her poor belly looked like it would pop. A phone call to the vet and knew just what to do. Keep her up and walking, and limit her food and fluids. Sheah! Right! No problem! Perhaps the vet didn't know that her favorite pastimes are eating, drinking, and napping. We made it as far as the fire hydrant before she sat down and refused to move another inch. She looked at me as if to say that this was the worst idea I'd ever had. She looked so victorious as I carried her back home, wagging her tail the whole way.

Quite possibly one of the most memorable moments in Snuggles lifelong pursuit of stuff she's not supposed to eat happened the day we brought SYD home after he was neutered; poor little guy was feeling ouchy and looking more than a little miffed at me and Steve. We got him settled in, and with Snuggles and Dora both sleeping, we decided to make a quick run to the store. When we returned we discovered that Snuggles had engaged in a little drug seeking behavior. She had had some minor surgery the week before and was living the "high" life with a transdermal Fentanyl pain patch. Apparently it just wasn't enough for her, because while we were away she managed to snag SYD's bottle of pain meds, chew through the plastic lid, and eat every last one of his pills. Another call to the vet and we were headed back out to buy some Tagament for Snuggles, and more pain meds for the Small Yappy Dog. (The office staff was still laughing about our drug seeking dog when we got there. Did I mention how much they love us?)

Along the way she's lost most of her childhood friends; Fluffer, Prancer, Stubby, Andrea, and Maybell, as well as some friends she'd met along the way; Psycho, Brady, Scooter, Parky, Rex, Luke, and of course Groo. They're all reunited now playing alongside the rainbow bridge, and waiting for that time when we'll be together again. I can just see them now. Fluffer is off chasing rabbits through muddy ground, Prancer is leaping over everything, Stubby is on the hunt, Andrea is keeping everyone in line, and Maybell… well, let's just say that she's providing atmosphere. Psycho, Parky, Scooter, and Luke are all lounging in the sun, while Rex is still trying to get the hang of running around the trees and not into them. Groo is squashing bugs with his head, and looking for fast food wrappers. Brady and Snuggles? They're hanging out at that great bakery in the sky eating loaf after loaf of warm bread without the plastic!

Steve and I miss Snuggles and are grateful that she was in our lives! She certainly made life more exciting, and sometimes much, much, more expensive. :

Until we meet again rest in peace our Snuggle Girl.

Calling All Angels

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