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The short version:

The day dawned crisp and bright, unseasonably warm for March in Michigan. It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding at this time of year.

Unfortunately, that was Friday. Saturday was a whole different story. The predictions said the temperature Saturday would be in the low 20's to the low 30's with a brisk wind and some chance of rain. They were right about the wind, but it was much colder and the rain was snow.

We made the decision to move to the church on Friday evening. Luckily, we had managed to tell nearly everyone (sorry John and Kelly) that we were moving, so that part came off mostly without a hitch (other than most of the groom's family missing the turn and heading for parts unknown; luckily we found them before they got too far).

The ceremony itself was lovely, Wally (our minister) had a serious cold but his voice held together long enough to provide us with a beautiful ceremony.

Kristie was beautiful and barefoot. Steve was dapper (well, as dapper as he gets anyhow) in a suit and real shoes (for the ceremony, then it was back to the cast). Everything was perfect.

We followed up with a great meal at the Rocky River Cafe and then went bowling in Sturgis. Kristie and Steve got their rental shoes for free owing to their status as bride and groom.

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